The following dissitation on philosophical approach to life and health and the balances and methods that seem to work for many is still connected with gods work in healing and strengthening the family fabric. The family that plays together, stays together was an old saying.The additional application of this information to the promotion of healthy practices for the fit and healthy and the longevity seekers is anticipated. We are interested in input and discussion on this part of the program

To experience longevity you need

quality of life.

Life is all about enjoyment or misery, or a mix of the two known as quality of life. Quality of life includes the health and energy to enjoy those assets and circumstances that the individual has chosen and achieved. Longevity without quality of life is sad and certainly unnecessary. While many religious practices connect predominately with seeking Gods help, repentance, sacrifice, humility etc , I dont believe for one moment that we were meant to be less than healthy and probably fit. If in life there is a state of health that you haven’t acquired or achieved and enjoyed do you shake yourself and get started or give in, turn on the TV and add others pain and suffering to your own to contemplate. The big decision is which path to take. Our hope is to provide a facility from which the health seeking or afflicted can see most of the range of natural health practices in such a way that it will be convenient to select a suitable course to follow.
The application of a little logic in selection based on the suggestions will help.
The notes have been prepared as a result of 20 years of reading and testing product and method from a totally sceptical background and in the light of significant results personally and involving others.
It is important to note that the notetaker is not considered widely proficient at any of the practices mentioned. The notes therefore describe the basic method, its common and logical applications and how and where to seek more information plus the types of results seen as commonplace and the convenience or pitfalls associated.
Some have allergies to specific product and some have a deep seated distrust of certain practices through unfortunate experience. It is hoped that alternate paths may be found for those so affected
Misfortunes and restrictions aside, it is very important for the average person to be conversant with the realities of natural health especially if they have children to care for.
As previously mentioned one of the tricky aspects of natural health is the existence of the “healing crisis”. This means that most conditions will appear to worsen before healing occurs. Many times this will manifest as an apparently unconnected condition. The reason of course is that toxins shed from any body part can still adversely affect other body parts on exit. Toxins are poisons. In most cases we have spent years or decades collecting them in our bodies so the expectation that we can shed them easily is inconceivable. Patience is the secret. In most cases it is possible to reduce the intensity of the health program slightly to allow the body a little less discomfort. For those people, apparently healthy, who start a program it is still possible to suffer a dramatic healing crisis during detoxing.

1 The application of wholistic
Are there any limits
Trying natural health process
Case histories
Everyone is different
2 Basic nutrition
Fruit and Veges
The balance of supermarket inventory
3 Supplementation
Where to start
Detailed suggestions
4 Balancing
How to establish a good balance for you
Balancing techniques
Principles for sound progress through life
5 The use of manipulation techniques
Reflexology, Zone Therapy, Shiatsu and others
Body Electronics
6 Energy and spiritual healing practices
7 The mind plays a part
Power of the mind
Progressive practices
8 Electronic aids to health
Colloidal makers
9 Regeneration
Fact or Fiction
10 Accurate diagnosis
Muscle testing
Allergy testing and others available
11 Working together

It is the considered opinion of this student, based on 20 years of evidence, that there are very few limits beyond the obvious constraints of serious total degeneration and close to death or old age each within a short period of death. So there are two approaches to healthy life. Get in early and generate as extensive as possible a health condition within the mind and body. Or if disease and affliction is already firmly implanted, take control by nourishing and strengthening the body and then selecting a range of modalities to eliminate the problem and prevent their reoccurrence.
It goes therefore without saying that I believe almost any condition can be reversed through natural methods and in a reasonable time. Selection of the correct modalities and dedication are the obvious requirements for success.
The average Human is unfortunately programmed by constant media exposure to a range of half truths which extol the nutritional virtues of junk food and suspect remedial effects of practices and activities, which confuse and mislead healthy persons and sufferers alike. A personal comfort zone is induced in most based on belief that a cure will be found for whatever the ailment and trust in the nutritional value of everyday food ranges as shown on television (the 98% fat free syndrome). Natural health methods are often depicted as including pain, discomfort and deprivation as integral components or at least being inconvenient. Deprivation of course relates to the absence of convenience foods and the need to consume food more suited to rabbits..
Sometimes the cost can be a factor to the uninitiated wanderer into the myriad of mazes known as natural health. It is of course a fact that there are many methods which can be used to achieve the desired result all of which have a price and a reasonable expectation of success within a reasonable time zone. A coordinated approach is needed. The interested party needs some form of training or guidance in the correct range and application of practices and supplements.
Whenever you embark on such a process an equally dedicated or loving friend to work with is a treasure beyond estimable value.
Everyone knows that the foods and supplements that are most beneficial are also commonly bland, distasteful or positively nauseous. The Healthy Body Church is keen to rectify this situation. We will seek to present as many of the beneficial supplements and preparations in ways as close to palatable as possible.
Most natural health practices involve a healing crisis, which means an apparent worsening of the condition precedes healing.
If you are still reading, you may be one of the rare people prepared to accept the inconveniences and apply total dedication to the removal of one or more conditions not considered healthy.
In conclusion to the bad news, I believe that application of the appropriate natural health practices can eliminate any undesirable condition and in most cases a period of eight weeks is a practical time frame in an intensive program. Even a basic conscientious approach will show results in a relatively convenient time frame where the ailment is less threatening. Furthermore the constant application of the principals will guarantee the continuation of health, quality of life and longevity that we should all profess to seek.
The logic of natural health is everywhere. The body was designed for it. The diagnosis tools afforded the astute naturopath, iridologist, reflexologist and palmistry practitioner, can be accurate beyond most medical practitioners wildest dreams.
Our body is fuelled daily with our food intake and everyone understands the difference between running on dirty fuel or clean fuel. Our foods account for most conditions. Overprocessed, heated food, full of chemicals including petrochemical byproducts and lacking in the correct nutrients for our bodies cannot be expected to compete with fresh, live food straight from the farm or nature itself. Watch the contents of the average shopping trolley at the supermarket and assess the real nutritional value. Then cry.
Adjustment of our fuel intake has been proven to effect improvement based on the degree and dedication of the effected changes.
The bodies skin, connective tissue, blood and nervous systems are each designed in a way that facilitates improvement, healing and regeneration, given the right stimulus.
Don’t forget the skin. The skin is our biggest organ and is way more receptive to stimulus than commonly accepted. Many products used on the skin contain poisons, petrochemical concoctions and damaging oils. Even such innocent looking necessities as soaps and deodorants need careful screening to establish their bona fides as much of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the system. In fact it is amazing how much chemical junk the body will handle before the problems start. Many sunscreen lotions, make-up components dyes etc are actualy carcinogenic as are many of the fluids and substances we handle in our jobs and hobbies.


This is one of the major obstacles to people taking on natural health methods. Will it work for me. The answer in every case is yes but to a greater or lesser degree according to the recipients metabolism. Yes we are all born equal in theory and different in practice. Genetic makeup, acquired predisposition, accidental body damage and toxin accumulation influence the variation in response to natural health practice.
It is also a fact that genes can carry various strengths. How many times does the progeny of a sporting figure of some renown achieve equivalent feats. From the study of the eyes we see some super strong metabolisms. Many of these will drink and smoke and eat copious amounts of junk food and live long and comparatively sickness free lives. Most humans are however born very average according to the times and will achieve sporting fame, fitness, health or the opposite through their lifestyle as a growing child and younger adult.
Differences can affect the duration of a treatment program and the suitability of various components of the program. It is therefore necessary to select program coordinators and practitioners that are open minded, adaptable, intuitive and genuinely concerned about the outcome of the program. There is however no person that cannot be helped to overcome any problem with the correct natural health program except the person who, for some reason or another, does not want to be helped.


As you progress through life various things will happen to your health based largely on your genetic start, your feeding as a child and adolescent and your inclination to exercise. Balancing your natural health program is important to save time, reduce cost and address the major health issues that confront you. Many treatment programs and supplements are expensive. Add a few together and the cost can get over $250 per month, which is probably acceptable if you are making serious progress. Your program may necessarily be a healing program or you may just need to cleanse your body of damaging toxins to feel and look healthy or in preparation for a strenuous sporting or activity life.
The start of balancing is always with diet and nutrition. It is always necessary to get the strength from somewhere to fight disease, sickness and injury. The strength of the body generally is reflected in the strength and regenerative capacity of the cells if the nutrition is balanced and adequate.
Supplementation is most often necessary to provide minerals and vitamins we have been short of. This part of the program can include herbal teas and preparations many of which have a powerful part to play in healing or strengthening specific body parts or organs. Lists of teas, herbs and supplements will be available in this information package as soon as possible.
The drive to heal is then most important. In many cases trauma and stress act as a barrier or filter to the healing energies. There are many types of practitioner that provide a relaxing start to the healing process. My favourites are massage and Reiki. It is always necessary to send a clear strong message to the body that you are ready for the healing or cleansing process to go ahead. The euphoric feeling that comes from these healing practices will assist in the bolstering of confidence in the balance of the program.
Some manipulative practices can be used to target the problem and direct specific healing energy to the parts of the body that need healing or strengthening. More details to follow.


This book is intended to list the more frequently used and effective natural health practices and outline their effectiveness to the point that even the uninitiated should know what to expect. We will later list common ailments and the range of practices most effective in their treatment for the average person.
It is clear that the differences in care recipients and the severity of the case or other complicating issues could alter such preferred listings for some sufferers.
The intention is never to compete with or cut out traditional medicine. In many cases traditional medicine has gone as far as it can go. In other cases natural health can speed up the process and many medical practitioners are now either conversant with a range of natural health practices or actually involved in them. One of their major interests being the beneficial effect natural practices have on the side effects of medicinal treatments.
Having checked the practice listings and read the information about your suggested group, you will need to approach practitioners . Use your head. If you are not comfortable with any practitioner try another and remember this book as a guide only. Where information seems to conflict, ask for an explanation. Most practitioners are highly trained and with miles of experience. They will never tell you that they can cure your ailments because that is not legal, but that their efforts or products will assist your own body’s repair, and regeneration components to effect relief or a cure. The difference normally comes down to how effective that program will be in comparison to other programs. Your tenacity and dedication to improvement are also critical.


Tests with thousands of cats, half of which were fed natural food and the half of which were fed processed food equivalent to that being the major component of the average humans diet, proved the theory behind differences beyond any question of a doubt. Those fed natural foods exhibited few ailments and average life spans from generation to generation. Those fed processed foods aquired ailments towards the latter part of their lives. The second generation from these experienced serious ailments towards the middle of their lives and the third generation were either born sick or fell victim to ailments in their younger stages. This experiment tended to show that it was the toxin count transferred that created the predisposition rather than the genes. They just got of to a lousy start. If this third generation had been treated to a healthy natural diet in their early years, I have no doubt that their condition would have reversed. Needless to say the application of this principal to humans with a longer lifespan also means that repair of the conditions takes longer. Human conditions are also complicated and made more serious by stress and trauma which is created by the side effects of ailments and their treatments effecting the more developed cerebral structure and creating negative interactions with other humans. The implications of this experiment are that the decline in average health today stems from the fact that the children of today are third generation “Junkies” ( junk food eaters).
Basic nutrition is the most important aspect of natural health and the most difficult to achieve. Hundreds of separate researches show that the intake of enzymes, vitamins and minerals are critical to body quality, strength and renewal. Many of these studies further show the importance of natural nutrients in their natural state. Enzymes for example enable the digestion of our foods and conversion to necessary nutrient groups. Enzymes include lipase which is used in the digestion of fats, Protease for the digestion of protein and Amalaese for the digestion of carbohydrates. There are some 26 Enzymes in total. The theory is that we use and manufacture enzymes within our body, but like all production plants there is a limit to the possible output. By eating live foods we extend the capacity of our production plant. When we run out of enzymes, we die.
Foods that have been heated over 28 degrees Fahrenheit lose their enzymes completely. So pasteurised milk has no enzymes and requires masses of enzymes to achieve digestion. All living matter that we are likely to eat contains the correct enzymes for its own digestion in its natural state.
Unfortunately enzymes are also the food component which makes food spoil, returning all matter to that part of the cycle where it becomes compost. It the component thus that ensures the ecology continues with adequate broken down material to nourish the next generation of foods as they grow.
So many supermarkets and food sales outlets spray the produce with enzyme inhibitor to slow down the rotting process and make the foods look fresher longer so they sell faster and suffer less wastage. This practice unfortunately means their customers are buying dead food and will die younger. Irradiation is another practise that kills enzymes and is normally applied to all imported foods. These are facts that have been proved by many university scientific studies. Never buy food from an outlet where you rarely see some foods decaying.
Enzymes are the most important component for natural health and longevity and are only found in live foods including fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs and dairy foods. The largest proportion of our food intake should therefore be live foods.
Good digestion increases our benefit from the foods we eat and reduces disease from slow digestive cycles.


Every health facility has charts showing the groups from which the highest percentage of our food should come. Some are printed by the government and supplied free in most areas. Despite this knowledge common to all sectors of the community a higher percentage of processed food, meat, breads and pastas and confectionary are being included in the average daily diet. Many diseases stem from slowing digestion, higher levels of sugar and fats, depletion of enzyme and vitamin levels.
So this is where to start getting healthy. Include the correct percentage of this important food group in your diet immediately and restore the balance of all foods to the recommended levels at least. These levels have been established by university scientific studies over a century. It must be remembered that their studies are always based on raw foods when vitamin and mineral levels are tabulated. In fact a good detoxifying program for a two week stint around three times a year includes fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch and vegetables for dinner along with plenty of water or a recommended detoxifying tea. Eat and drink nothing else. You will always feel heaps fitter and more energetic when you finish the two weeks.
Some people feel some nausea during parts of the program. When toxins leave various parts of the body, some are reabsorbed before leaving the body. This creates the nausea. Don’t try to treat it. Nausea can come from your first gym session, your first Yoga class or a sea voyage. In each case previously unused muscle groups are strained causing them to eliminate toxins, which once again are partly reabsorbed causing nausea.


Once you have embarked on a voyage toward health you will find that finding nutritious product in a supermarket is like finding a needle in a haystack. Go straight past the tinned foods, the soft drinks, the sweets and chips,processed breakfast foods, the processed juices and the dairy departments and you have bypassed half the shelves already. Prepared and processed foods are generally of no nutritional value to a recuperating metabolism. Perhaps the odd can of beans, tomato, curry etc for flavouring real food is useful. From there you will find that most supermarkets use enzyme inhibitors on the fruit and veges to preserve appearance and enhance shelf life thereby destroying the prime nutrient component.
You are better served to buy fruit and veges from a greengrocer where stock is rotated on the shelves and sprays are not used. Dried fruits are fresher and better from a health food supermarket as are peanut butter, honey, eggs, yoghurt, molasses, flours, breads, juices etc. For budgetary considerations supermarkets still have a use and we will supply a list of reasonably healthy foods available there with the “foods” listing. At least 80% should be nutritious and basically unprocessed or you are on the wrong track.


Supplementation is increasingly necessary due to the depletion of minerals in our soils, the increasing use of all forms of processing involving almost all popular foods, the increasing toxin intake of the average human and the increasing demands upon our bodies. All around the world soils are depleted due to the regular cropping procedures used today. Where some 90 minerals are necessary for balanced nutrition in crops, only three are regularly replaced in most soils. The nutrient chain also affects the livestock feeding from the pastures and crops.
Processing is proven to reduce vitamin and mineral concentration in all foods and also destroys the balance necessary whereby some minerals and vitamins need specific concentration of others to be absorbed and used by the persons ingesting the foods.
Supplementation is therefore necessary unless you live in very rare parts of the earth where natural nutrient intake is adequate at all times and the food is taken in its natural state.
As most disease can be traced back to nutrient deficiencies resulting in mineral loss. there are concrete reasons to supplement your diet. Such supplementation should be based on efficient tests although some products can be beneficial to a wide range of people for a wide range of health improvements such as Colloidal minerals, Wheat and barley grass juice, Noni juice and certain of the balanced nutritional supplement programs.
When, however you have specific and serious health problems the supplementation should be custom designed to your needs at the time and regularly reviewed to maintain currency.
All supplement programs should be varied or paused from time to time to prevent weakening or atrophy of the natural processing and nutrient synthesisation functions in the metabolism. This can create other problems especially in later life or when long term supplementation may be terminated.



Water is the most important thing you put into your body. So the health program should start with a good water. When you consider that any water that has been chlorinated or treated with any chemical, or filtered to a very fine tolerance or containing an imbalance of minerals is useless for improving health or downright damaging to the health.
We were lucky enough to find Alpha Lyte water as one of the very few live available and to be given the opportunity to pass the water on at very cheap rates. Ask for our FREE DVD which explains scientifically how a healthy water comes about. Alpha Lyte will be used exclusively in the Healthy Body Church Program.

Give someone you love the gift of life. A years supply of the best bottled water (2 bottles per day) delivered to their door for less than $1 per bottle only from the healthy body church. Available in all eastern city areas by June 06 now in most Qld cities and coastal areas
PERSONS willing to provide feedback information in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas can purchase at $18 per case for 6 months. (200 persons only). This is to provide research information relevant to the replacement of local tap water and other drinks in various areas and quantities. Participants can pick up the water up from central locations or have it delivered. Many testimonials are available indicating that the water has helped people combating and alleviating the symptoms of a myriad of ailments.

Some of these alternative therapies require high-tech equipment and specialized knowledge, but many, many others can be done at home without third party intervention or supervision. It’s amazing, but true, that many of the most effective healing therapies (even for grave, life-threatening disease conditions) are simple things that you can do for yourself at home. You simply have to educate yourself and take responsibility for your own health.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has been traditionally used for rapid detoxification in acute situations, but it also has shown to be extremely efficacious for new stroke victims. It has been found that almost all of the usual conditions (paralysis, slurred/ no speech, etc.) associated with a stroke can be minimized or eliminated entirely by subjecting the patient to a hyperbaric oxygen treatment within the first 36 hours of a stroke. The quicker the patient can be treated from the onset of the stroke, the better the results. Even cases started a few days or even weeks after a stoke have shown remarkable results. HBOT has also proven helpful in cases involving other forms of brain damage as well.

A bottle of 3½ % Hydrogen Peroxide is available in any pharmacy for under a dollar and can be used daily to keep the mouth and gums germ-free (always use full strength and try to retain in the mouth as long as possible). It should also be conscientiously applied to disinfect any type of oral infection, cut, sore, or wound that one may encounter. For external use, the drug store variety of hydrogen peroxide is OK, but it does have some low levels of contaminants in it. For internal use, it’s wiser to use Food-grade hydrogen peroxide. You can make your own 3½ % hydrogen peroxide by diluting 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide by a ratio of 10:1 with distilled water. However, that should not stop you from using pharmacy-grade hydrogen peroxide externally- if you are in normal health. People trying to recover from serious diseases such as AIDS or cancer need to be more concerned about ingesting contaminants. 35% Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is available at many farm supply outlets and by mail order. Since it’s more concentrated, 35% hydrogen peroxide can produce spectacular results when intelligently applied. Hydrogen peroxide can also be applied either internally as injections (directly into a cancerous tumor for example) or intravenously into the blood stream. If properly diluted, hydrogen peroxide can also be ingested.
All cold plasma ozone generators can easily produce high quality Ozonated Water, which can be ingested as often as desired. The effects of drinking ozonated water on a regular basis can be very healthful. People with serious disease conditions will notice more-pronounced effects in a shorter space of time than those who are in good health, but the benefits of ozonated water are realized by all who use it, whether you have a serious health concern or not. The ozone from the ozonated water passes into the bloodstream via the stomach/small intestines and provides the benefits of ozone without the need for expensive equipment. Some people notice a very slight sensation of light headedness the first time they drink ozone water. It’s temporary and usually only happens the first time- if at all. The reaction is due to slightly more oxygen reaching the brain than normal. Ingested daily, ozone water will progressively send ozone into deeper tissues of the body, oxidizing non organic drug residues and hidden, dormant pathogens. You might be surprised to learn that the virus that gave you chicken pox as a child or herpes as a young adult is still hidden deep within the body such as in the nerve ganglion at the base of the spine. Your immune system developed antibodies which normally hold these residual bugs in check, but that doesn’t mean that the bugs are gone, as any person who suffers recurrent bouts of herpes will attest. But if you hit them long enough and hard enough with ozone (or certain other alternative therapies), they will be gone-for good.
Another useful product that can
In recent years, different electro-medicine units have been promoted at health expos and through magazine articles, interviews, books, etc.. One of the more interesting devices is the blood electrifier of Dr Bob Beck. I’ve seen laboratory reports and Institutional Review Board studies that seem to clearly support claims made by Dr BobBeck that his blood electrification device has caused ‘complete spontaneous remission’ in literally thousands of AIDS patients, cancer patients, and chronic fatigue sufferers among others. Dr Beck discovered the possibilities offered by blood electrification after reading a short article in 1991 in a journal called Science News.
When you ingest refined sugar, you lower your body’s immunity for FOUR HOURS. If you’re drinking soft drinks here and there throughout the day, then you’re keeping your immunity suppressed all day long. People with suppressed immunity seem to easily pick up every bug that’s going around.

Another problem with soft drinks is the tremendous amount of PHOSPHOROUS that’s contained in them. Large amounts of phosphorous are bad news for the body because they combine with other minerals (like Calcium) and tie them up for eventual excretion. Now calcium is a mineral that your body DOES NEED in large amounts in your bloodstream for daily use. If your soft drink is yanking the calcium out of your blood stream, where does the body get the calcium it needs for everyday jobs? Why, it gets it from your teeth and bones!