Water is the most important thing you put into your body. Any health program should start with a good water. If water has had any chemical (such as chlorine) added or been filtered at any stage or has a mineral imbalance it is useless for actualy improving the health and indeed may be damaging to the health.

After searching for many years we were lucky enough to find Alpha Lyte, one of the few live waters available. Believe Me! It is very hard to find a health giving water and have scientific evidence available to support the claim. Alpha Lyte will be used exclusively in the Healthy Body Church program.

We can supply a FREE DVD explaining scientifficaly how this healthy water came about. The difference is to know what you are getting in your water. You will notice the difference almost immediatly when you drink it.

Alpha Lyte is an ENERGISED ELECTROLYTE DRINK as well as a water. We can supply Alpha Lyte at $22 per case of 24 X 600 ml bottles (normal retail $2.50 per bottle) plus freight if we cant get it to you or you cant pick it up.

For the next 6 months we are conducting a survey to provide information for research relevant to the replacement of tap water and other drinks with at least two bottles of this product per day. We already have many exciting testimonials relating to improvement in a myriad of ailments and conditions. (This is because any medication or natural treatment works better if the recipient is on beneficial water) Persons willing to participate may purchase 6 months supply for $270 (15 cases X $18).

Give the gift of LIFE. 12 months supply (30 cases) of Alpha Lyte delivered in Australia for $660. You will never be dissapointed.

Watch this site for many other extremely healthy products available soon at very affordable prices. A shopping facility will join the site soon.