Well plans do change all over the world and that is what we are doing. The original plan was to provide free information on all aspects of natural health through the internet. Natural health has been selected because the specific set of tools required has been given us by God. Now you might say but what religion are you? Well on this site it is not a matter of religion. Most people in the world believe in a God, Others believe there has to be a higher authority or a creator. Others believe it is the Universal Consciousness. Whichever it is we at least recognise that a God is All giving and all caring. That we would be placed here to honour our God and love our fellow man and certainly not to spend our lives begging for better health while we destroy our bodies every day.

So we have a natural health toolbox which is what came with nature and the world we live in. Now there is a strange coincidence that it works. The Natural toolbox can make any repair and render our bodies healthy. There is no disease which cannot be reversed. The problem is finding and collating the information and then having the dedication to follow whichever program is applicable to our health. So this is where the healthybodychurch comes in. After more than 20 years of study and testing a reasonable list of beneficial practices has been established which applies to each disease type. The information is presented as study information and so for each general sickness or ailment type there is a website established which provides the information freely. As study information it is expected that the reader will continue their studies so they can understand and combat the sickness comfortably themselves.

Because some of the sickness and ailments have taken many years to establish in our bodies it is illogical to think we can reverse the condition in a few minutes. But the fact is that most sickness and ailments can be helped very quickly and reversed over a period that it takes the cells to replicate in the particular part of the body. If we provide this perfect environment for the cells to be replaced then the new cells will be healthy or at least healthier. Sometimes a man made pill will work but look around you and you will see that the cures from pills are rare. Once again logic prevails. God associates in all cases with love and caring provided by fellow man. So on each website we provide a membership facility, which people can join and receive the assistance of a mentor trained in this work. The mentor just guides the patient through the use of information on natural sickness reversal.

So far this part of the plan is working well with many websites already established and providing information. The next part of the plan is being worked on now with the news that we plan the establishment of one or more health retreats in Thailand. The retreats will be run on a small budget and sometimes even provide free treatment in special cases. The foods and supplements available will be simple and as found in nature or used for hundreds of years already. Treatments will be natural as defined necessary by the design of the human body.

In the year 2015 this will all come together so tune in and watch for progress.