Healthy body church idealogy

Church Doctrine

•  Church doctrine is similar to most other Christian churches, bible based and promoting love of god, service to god and love and assistance to our fellow man.

•  A basic understanding of socio-economic factors and stress or mind control influences gives us to believe that anyone can be helped given the right set of circumstances. There will always be an attempt to replace the beyond redemption categorisation with one of how, when and where.

•  We attempt at all times to aim all activities at pleasing god, assisting individuals in need and contributing toward a better world. We understand that in line with the perfection of God’s creations, our inclination towards a healthy body and preference for natural methods is part of our intended belief system.

The church is always against judgemental practices.

The prime reason for the church determines its front line teachings.The massive change between what god put on earth for the nourishment and education of the human body and the average diet and intake of information deemed acceptable today is scary to say the least.

God structured enzymes, minerals and vitamins into the food available in all parts of the world. Enzymes, for example, are not extinct, but are very rarely encountered in the modern diet. The common understanding of healthy food components has been warped and twisted to suit mass marketing strategies for products with no nutritional value.

We believe in prayer. We definitely do not believe that the purpose of prayer is the day to day rectification of the results of indulgence in living processes which would not recieve God’s approval. Prayer is for praising God, Thanking God and asking his assistance in rectifying the ailments of the world.

We believe there are people, who given a logical and righteous path, will join together to help and educate the needy and afflicted.