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Real tried and true, tested and confirmed health information without any influence from vested interests is very scarce. At the Healthy Body Church we are sceptical about everything so we try pretty much every concept, product or natural substance that we consider worth trying. We also solicit expert opinions relating to our findings or judgements from qualified practitioners. We also source as much valuable information as we can from books written on specific subjects by specialists and recognised research sources. If any of our readers have information not yet listed in any form we are interested in hearing from you. All information will be checked carefully prior to listing.
The following health information pack is assembled to guide interested parties keen to better their health and gain a greater insight into the massive array of god’s gifts which form the backbone of our programs. We accept no responsibility for decisions based on the information so contained but do care for anyone using the information in a health improvement program and are only too happy to offer assistance within our resources.
Under no circumstances do we suggest that the information be used without your personal checking and consultation with your physician or natural health practitioner.

We see the body a little like a car given us by God. We use it and abuse it and rarely if ever do any maintenance on it because it was free. We ring up when the brakes fail, he clicks his fingers and the brakes are fixed. Two months later the air conditioner dies so we ring up again, more finger clicking. Then in quick succession the lights, carburettor and exhaust. The next time we ring God says you haven’t watered, fed or exercised that car properly, here is a tool kit, fix it yourself! I am always here if you need me desperately. Prayer is ultimate in importance, but we should pray to praise god, thank god and ask help for the less fortunate, not list our ailments for repair every day. God has given us the tool kit and the Healthy Body Church is dedicated to researching and outlining that toolkit for everyday use. To use the web site as a health reference you will need to follow the development of the site until it is completed with information on nearly every aspect of health.


What you see here is the Healthy Body Church version of Holistic and is the basis of our belief that no condition is incurable if the sufferer desperately wants to get well. You will notice that all the components are derived from creation with very little processing or interference.


The reference section will be built up over the next few years as time and qualified information become available. Initially though information will be listed, which is basic to natural health. The section will include information on all aspect of natural health that we see as important. Starting with air, water and food, the section will cover vital components, enzymes, acid alkaline balance, minerals etc plus the obvious requirements of good health such as exercise and rest and then cover many of the less understood items such as the effects of radiation and electromagnetic energy and of course provide a reasonably understandable introduction to the many modalities available from natural health practitioners and their most practical applications.


Western medical system is intended to describe the hospital and medical services available today. While we respect those involved in the western medical system for their dedication and efforts, we have chosen to follow the natural path because there are abundantly clearer answers to the attainment of continuous good health. Restrictions preclude the average person, especialy the less affluent from practising in the home environment for betterment or healing. It is interesting to note that 36% of medical practitioners are also involved in some form of natural health or take an active interest. This shows an attitude of care for their patients ongoing health. Under no circumstances is our approach intended to replace existing sickness management but to compliment the efforts of qualified medical practitioners.


* Air
* Water and food, pure, balanced and nutritious.
* Rest
* Exercise
* Love


* Diagnosis
* Occasional supplements to replace missing components from our food source.
* Natural substances that target and heal the ailment.
* Foods that are specifically beneficial to the condition.
* Manipulative techniques implementing repair to mussel, bone, organs, circulation, nerves, lymph’s, and the meridian system.
* Love directly and/or an energy based healing modality from those trained to assist and family and friends.
* Prayer is a component of every healing program.


In Australia health is going backwards and has been for some 40 years. Much of the problem relates to Air, Water and Food.


Air is a problem because in most cases we have to move house to get away from it. The air specifics of certain industries, areas and the measures necessary to alleviate major problems will be addressed later. It is however suffice to note that before the world wars Oxygen represented around 36% of air around the world. It now counts in at less than 24% and 18% in many cities. This obviously forces our systems to work harder and interferes with our regeneration capabilities. Watch for scientific information regarding oxygen therapy to be posted to the information document shortly.


Water is the most important thing we put into our bodies. Our bodies are 70% water and our brains 90%. Water is involved in all the body systems and organs. Without water we last only a few days and according to some sources our life expectancy is also very limited if the water is totally pure such as distilled water. We haven’t tested this theory yet! There are many factors involved in assessing the beneficial quality of water. Years ago the healthiest water came from crystal clear mountain streams bubbling over mineral rich rock. Today our Chlorinated and fluoridated town waters are carcinogenic and no amount of filtering removes the danger according to latest scientific studies. Tank water and spring water we generally regard as basic life support water, but eac h needs to be tested to establish balanced mineral content, purity etc and especially in relation to the specific needs of the individuals that are using the water every day. This leaves bottled water and in most cases the same rules apply, Most bottled waters have had chemicals added and are detrimental to the health over a long period and so act in defiance to treatment programs. There are many small bottling plants with spring or artesian water that can be considered neutral to our health. That is life supporting without detriment just as the waters were from streams in the past. Normally they are filtered and treated for bacteria without chemicals. If in doubt always get the water tested in relation to your own needs. Watch for the segment on personal testing to be posted soon. There is only one nationally available water to have survived our rigorous testing so far using actual health improvement as the predominant chriteria. ALPHA Lyte is the only known water to positively assist whatever beneficial health program you are on. Whether it be medical prescription, herbal, vitamin and mineral, homeopathic, weight loss or performance enhancing. The scientific reasons for this phenomena are explained in a FREE DVD accompanying the first case purchased for each user of ALPHA Lyte organic energised electrolyte drink. If any reader has access to or bottles another healthy water, which is also widely available, please contact us and send some for testing so we can list more product in this program as healthy water is very hard to find. At this stage we plan to use ALPHA Lyte exclusively in our healing programs at the church.


We eat three times a day and listen to the radio and television which makes us believe that certain foods are extra healthy such as 98% fat free foods. Quite often nothing could be further from the truth. The food listing coming soon will provide information on all types of foods, drinks and condiments. The information as far as possible will be based on scientific and positive dietary input from the best available sources. We do seek assistance in the form of technical information from individuals or companies preparing a wide range of products in a way that shows a genuine attempt to benefit the health of the consumer. While organic is always deemed best there are some situations where the soils are depleted to the point that such achievements are negated.

How many times have you heard the adage “you are what you eat”?. Food is totally important, although we can actually live in a relaxed state for weeks without food as long as we have water. In detailing the relative health benefits of a wide range of foods it is necessary to recognise a number of key issues.
* Every body is different, General metabolic and food processing attributes vary to a very large degree.
* The climate in our residential area affects our food processing and usage as do central heating and air conditioning on a regular basis.
* Ph is a big issue once again affecting each differently but critical to all health issues.
* The ingestion of balanced minerals from our foods and water and sometimes as supplements is essential.
* Enzymes are equally important, as they assist in the digestion process and when your body runs totaly out of enzymes your life is discontinued.
* Vitamins and antioxidants also play a part, but the importance of the supplementary version can be overplayed.
* The timing of our food intake is important and to some extent different for each of us. Our notes are based on 3 meals a day and will be expanded to cover special cases.

PH. After water Ph is probably the most important healthy life component you can do something about. Don’t ever change your diet suddenly, do it slowly over a period of weeks or months and be alert for reactions for specific foods. Some detoxification can be experienced when changing to a more alkaline diet or one with more raw nutrients. This can manifest as skin rashes, cold or flu like symptoms or headaches. This comes about as groups of cells shed stored toxins previously left by processed food etc. Some of the toxins are reabsorbed as they pass through the stomach. Always see a medical or natural practitioner whenever you feel the slightest need. Normally, of course, one is best to suffer such symptoms as the body needs to detox and cold or flu symptoms are often just a mechanism by which toxins leave the body.
For the purpose of this exercise we have used a scale 0 (zero) being acutely acid and 8 being extremely alkaline. The scale details the PH of the residue after digestion. So citrus fruit tastes acidic but leaves a residue which is alkaline. Alkaline is best and the object of the exercise to achieve good health is to eat mostly alkaline foods and only a few acid foods, ideally less than 20%. Most of you will notice this to be quite contrary to our existing diet.


(8) Fresh lemons
(7) Watermelon, Cayenne pepper, Dates and figs (dried) Mango, Melons, Paw Paw, Parsley, Seedless grapes, Most seaweeds.
(6) Asparagus, Apples, Apricots, Alfalfa sprouts, avocado, Bananas, Berries, Carrots, Celery, Garlic, Grapefruit, Green herbs, Kiwifruit, Fresh unsweetened fruit juices, Grapes, Lettuce, Peaches, Peas, Passionfruit, Pears, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Sea Salt, Spinach,


(5) Almonds, Beans, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carob, Cherries, Coconut, Cucumbers, Egg plant, Mushrooms, Olives, Onions, Oranges, Parsnip, Raspberry, Strawberry, Sea salt, Sweet corn, Turnip, Taro, Tomato, Tofu, Vinegar.


(4) Artichoke, Chestnuts, Butter (unsalted), Cream, Egg yolks, Goats Milk and Whey, Milk (raw), Home made mayonnaise, Olive Oil, Rhubarb, Most soy products, Sprouted grains, Yoghurt, Most other oils.


(3) Brazil nuts, Salted butter, bran, Cashew nuts, Most Cereals, Cheeses, Dried beans, Dry Coconut, Egg whites, Honey (processed), Lentils, Macadamias, Molasses, Most Milks and processed dairy products, Mustard, Pecans, Plums, Prunes, Ryebread, Seeds Pumpkin and sunflower, Walnuts,


(2) Bananas (green), Cigarette tobacco, Cheeses (tasty), Corn and rice breads, Tomato sauce, Fish, Fruit Juices with sugar, Mayonaise, Oats, Pasta, Peanuts, Potatoes without skins, Popcorn, Most rices, Soy sauce, Processed cereals, Shellfish, Wheatgerm, Whole wheat, Wine, Sweetened yoghurt,


(1) Beer, Chicken, Most meats, Chocolate, Coffee, Jams,Carbonated soft drinks, Cigarettes(tailor made), Jellies, Liquor, White pasta, Tea, White bread, Most drugs, White flour, Cakes and Pastries, Refined table salt,


(0.5) Sugar, Artificial sweeteners.

It will be a good idea to cross-reference this information with more detailed information on many foods and food groups which are worthy of note due to their being very helpful or very damaging. This information will be written up in the near future.

It is interesting to note that a number of authorities suggest the consumption of foods separately. Fruits with fruits, Veges with veges, protein and carbohydrates separated. This is said to relate to fruits needing a more alkaline excretion and veges a more acid excretion for digestion and so on, The subject is applicable to persons seeking supreme health mostly as the natural treatment of the sick normaly involves a level of food segregation already. Certainly when taking juices it is not good tomix vege and fruit juices for the best results. We are hoping to find more scientific information on this subject in the near future.


Enzymes enable the proper digestion of our foods and fulfil a number of important functions which will be detailed later.Enzymes include lipase which is used in the digestion of fats, Protease for the digestion of protein and Amalaese for the digestion of carbohydrates.
There are some 26 Enzymes in total. The theory is that we use and manufacture enzymes within our body, but like all production plants there is a limit to the possible output. By eating live foods (not heated over 50 degrees
C) we extend the capacity of our production plant. When we run out of enzymes, we die.
Foods that have been heated over 28 degrees Fahrenheit lose their enzymes completely. So most pasteurised milk has no enzymes and requires masses of enzymes to achieve digestion. All living (uncooked) matter that we are likely to eat contains the correct enzymes for its own digestion in its natural state.
Unfortunately enzymes are also the food component which makes food spoil, returning all matter to that part of the cycle where it becomes compost. It is the component thus that ensures the ecology continues with adequate broken down material to nourish the next generation of foods as they grow.
This natural balance in nature clashes with new priority number 1 (shelf Life), so many supermarkets and food sales outlets spray the produce with enzyme inhibitor to slow down the rotting process and make the foods look fresher longer so they sell faster and suffer less wastage. This practice unfortunately means their customers are buying dead food and will die younger. Shelf life is more important to the retail outlets than the health of their customers and so irradiation is also being phased in to give longer shelf life while totally killing all enzymes. All imported raw foods are irradiated. These are facts that have been proved by many university scientific studies. Never buy raw food from an outlet where you rarely see some foods decaying.
Enzymes are as important a component for natural health and longevity as are air, water, vitamins, minerals etc and are only found in live foods including fish, meat, eggs and dairy foods. The largest proportion of our food intake should therefore be live foods(uncooked).
Good digestion increases our benefit from the foods we eat and reduces disease from slow digestive cycles. More scientific information on enzymes will be added to the program soon, in the meantime if you have a question leave a message.
Body PH and Enzymes being two of the most important factors relating to food will give you the best idea of what foods to select and how to eat them. From this point a number of factors involving the food chain are still important.


Minerals are then well and truly up in the list of important components of health and the combating of minor and debilitating ailments. In fact some consider it the most important and some the only factor. The story off course is that all the factors are important for maintenance of health but minerals can in many situations provide a quick fix solution to a major problem. Most animals can suffer from the same ailments as humans and veterinarians will tell you that most ailments are combated by the application of mineral based compounds which effect the desired cure.
The intake of minerals from food cannot be taken for granted. The processing of many foods makes the minerals hard to assimilate, especially dairy foods and cereals. Sometimes the food may be rich in minerals in its natural state.
Minerals in a healthy body include (percentages are approximate)
Oxygen 65% Hydrogen 10% Nitrogen 3%
Carbon 18% Calcium 2% Phosphorous 1%

Potassium 0.35% Sulphur 0.25% Sodium 0.15% Chlorine 0.15%

Magnesium 0.05% Iron 0.005% Manganese 0.0002% Copper 0.00015%

Iodine 0.00005% Plus traces of Germanium Chromium Gallium Selenium Cobalt Zinc Aluminium Nickel Silica Arsenic Boron Fluoride Vanadium and Tin and others.

It is interesting that all the minerals play a part and most have been identified as playing a major part in the various parts of the metabolism and mechanism of avoiding certain ailments. The following minerals are listed with their particular roles and others will be listed later.

Calcium is essential to the health of bones, teeth, muscles, nerves, nails, fluids and soft tissue. Calcium deficiency in one form or another precedes the diseases that cause most deaths. Calcium is the most important organic element in the body and occurs in the largest amounts. Calcium is stored in the bones when in adequate supply (trabeculae) Most city dwellers never reach a calcium level which would enable the enjoyment of optimum health. Low level osteoporosis is widespread, without being damaging enough to be noticeable. Serious osteoporosis is most evident in US, Australia and Scandinavia. This is because calcium is one of the hardest minerals to ingest. Many foods such as dairy and carrots have high amounts of calcium which is widely publicised, but in fact very little is actually assimilated. Reasons for this can be inefficient absorption, lack of sympathetic minerals and changes in the calcium salts due to heating in the processing. The heart may suffer as a result of calcium deficiency as the heart muscle finds calcium absolutely essential as do other muscles. Blood clotting cannot take place efficiently in its absence and nerves can become hypersensitive also affecting sleep. When the calcium level is low muscular spasms or cramps can occur as a symptom.
Phosphorus is an interrelated mineral. We need approximately one and a half times as much phosphorus as calcium and normally at the same time. Held mostly in the bones and teeth, similar to calcium, phosphorus is vital for brain functioning. The average daily intake should be around 0.75 gram in available form.
Iron is a blood builder and is mostly present in the red corpuscles. Haemoglobin is protein rich in iron. Its vital function is oxygen carrying throughout the body. Iron is used and escapes through sweat, skin shedding, internal surfaces and the faeces. The kidneys store iron and we need about 15mg daily. Once again certain acids in certain foods preclude the assimilation of iron. The iron in meat for example is very hard to digest. It is unlikely that you will have too much iron but it is possible producing ailments such as siderosis. When one has high blood pressure iron should be taken sparingly.


Calcium Alfalfa sprouts, chick peas, Beetroot, Cheese, Lettuce, Milk, Oats, Parsley, Rhubarb, Yoghurt,
Iodine Fish
Iron Artichokes, Dried beans, Beetroot, Bread, Broccoli, Dates, Eggs, Fish, Meat, Poultry, Radishes, Spinach,
Manganese Rhubarb,
Magnesium Bananas, Carrots, Cherries, Figs, Oats, Pawpaw, Radishes, Wheat,
Phosphorus Artichokes, Asparagus, Lettuce,
Potassium Apples, Apricots, Asparagus, Avocado, Bananas, Green beans, Beetroot, Berries, Broccoli, Cabbage family, Carrots, Cherries, Dates, Figs, Citrus, Kiwi fruit, Lettuce, Mango, Melons, Oats, Parsley, Parsnip, Peaches, Peppers, Radishes, Rhubarb,
Selenium Dried beans, Nuts, Cucurbits, Seeds, Wheat,
Silica Cucumbers
Silicon Alfalfa sprouts

Sulphur Cauliflower, Garlic, Onions, Radishes,
Zinc Dried beans, Cheese, Eggs, Fish, Milk, Mushrooms, Seeds, Poultry, Wheat.


The system of 3 meals a day common now to most of the world is not the only way for those in the process of regaining health but practical for the maintenance of a healthy body in modern society. Generally each meal should be eaten in a sitting position as the processing function of the intestines work better that way and if that position can be maintained for 20 minutes after eating this is additionally advantageous. Each mouthful should be chewed as close to 50 times as possible so saliva is well mixed in with the food. Foods taken as smoothies, juices and drink should still be mixed with saliva and not gulped down. Generally all food is best taken at room temperature for optimum digestion, so limiting hot and cold to the appreciated minimum each day is to be promoted. In addition the practice of washing food down with tea, coffee or cold drinks is frightening to the tummy. Leave a gap between food and drink or have a small drink before eating. A more scientific section is to be developed to explain these phenomenon to the unbelieving at a later date.
It must be understood that the recommendations are not considered therapeutic but a minimum to maintain reasonable health levels. For those whose health is deteriorating it is necessary to control nutrition much more specifically to assist in the reversal of such detioration. following some of the suggestions to date will give a good start to a more riggerous program if necessary.


• Avoid processed foods wherever possible.
• The following suggestions are aimed at the maintenance of a healthy body in a climate such as NSW or Queensland where the summers are hot and the winters are not that cold. Suggestions will vary later for other climate groups.
• The best way to start the day is with vegetable juice. Do not mix fruits and vegetables and select vegetables to benefit those organs needing attention. Lists of suitable vegetable combinations will follow.
• Raw Muesli is a good food to begin the day and the better the quality of mix the more nourishment will be derived. Toasted muesli is missing too many nutrients to be useful. Organic is great if it can be afforded.
• There is some degree of dissention at the relative merits of dairy and soy milks which we are seeking some scientific information on. If you use dairy select only a Jersey milk and with the least processing. Information on other milks will follow.
• A nutritious breakfast is essential to a busy days activity. If you feel you need protein a healthy way is to add one or two raw free range eggs to the milk and shake.
• Remember sugar is not healthy and to be avoided. Molasses or quality honey are to be preferred.
• Processed cereals contain reduced nutritional benefits and often high sugar content. There are none that we can recommend.


• Live foods should be selected. So salad is the most logical and beneficial meal. Dressings can be made using healthy products such as apple cider vinegar. Extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed if possible) etc See your health food store for information.
• Fish should be part of most diets at least a couple of days a week. Fresh fish lightly cooked and occasionally canned fish high in omega 3.
• Meat is purported to be more important to blood group O. Highly processed meats are to be avoided. Lamb is probably the most chemical free and pork the fattiest. Meat for most is adequate twice a week. Use the fat free cuts and don’t overcook.
• Sandwiches at work should be made from the healthiest bread. White flour is over processed and should not be part of your diet. Try rye and spelt breads. Use tahini instead of butter. Never margarine or any product containing canola.
• Take drinks separately.


Water is vital and should be pure and nutritious. Try ALPHA Lyte. (see section on water). Normally 2 litres per day is recommended. Many snack bars advertise in a way that make them sound nutritious or performance enhancing. They are for a few moments but the payback in units of body degeneration is not worth it. Such items should be used as a special treat once or twice a year only. Snacks should vary according to the amount of physical energy exerted. Check with your health food store for healthy snacks suited to your lifestyle. A variety of fruit is excellent and nuts and seeds are highly nutritious but nuts and seeds contain natural enzyme inhibitors so soak them in water overnight.


• If weight loss is a factor the dinner can be a broth made from the solids left over from the mornings vegetable juice. You can add stock made from fish or meat bones for flavouring and chile or cayenne pepper are healthy condiment additions.
• A glass of red wine with the meal is optional and for many people can assist with digestion. Following you will find information on an Australian produced red wine which actually combats the proliferation of cancer cells. We obviously recommend this product ahead of any other wine.
• Dinner is actually meant to be the smallest of the meals for each day, but our European heritage and our work commitments have changed things a bit. A large dinner should not immediately precede an early night. Some of those restaurants that prepare smaller portions could be doing you a favour. Remain sitting after your meal for a while then perhaps take a stroll before retiring.
• Meat should be lean and cooked as little as you can stand for maximum nutrition. The portion size should be less than that of the vegetables. Greens could be crispy and underdone.


Organic is somewhat of a reaction to the uncertainty of the real value of progress in agriculture and animal husbandry. We took hundreds of years to know what we were eating and drinking was beneficial to the human body. Now we dont know again. What is on or in our food that makes it different from the healthy product we think we are buying. Organic is as close to a safeguard as we can get and the more people that insist on organic, the more farms and industries will spring up that support the concept and the more reasonable the prices will become. The risks otherwise are very real that poisons of all types will accumulate in your system without you even knowing and the resulting poor health conditions are hard for the medical profession to deal with because the poisons cant be eliminated by conventional medicinal practices. Look at thalidomide. The consequences of this wonderful new drug have been life destroying for thousands. So the total effect of alien substances in our foods is still not known except that our younger generation are suffering from more ailments than ever before. Organic is also the best defence to geneticaly modified food proliferation. Once again this is incideously destructive when you consider that canned meat products, frozen pizzas, instant soups, sauces, curries, baby foods, cereals, pasta, bread and biscuits, baby milk, snacks, ice cream, chocolate, veggie burgers and pet food from various prominant companies contain geneticaly modified ingredients. Well may the unitiated say so what but it was recently revealed from a Scottish research establishment by a professor Arpad Pusztai that rats fed on genetically modified potatoes grew smaller internal organs and weaker immune systems. We human beings all over the world are the testing laboratory for all sorts of variations to the tried and true methods of growing and marketing crops. Insistance on organic wherever possible will help to avoid your inclusion in the program. Organic produce also tastes better and has more minerals and vitamins in a closer proportion to that intended by our creator.


* Each person has a different food requirement due to blood type and other factors
* Vitamins, Amino acids and antioxidants. Do we need them? What is their place in the diet of a healthy person according to the latest and most informed discussion.
* Specific foods for their positive long term effect on certain ailments and conditions and their interaction with blood type preferences.
* Specific medicinal foods such as herbs, specially prepared foods, juices, tinctures, beneficial oils and extracts.

This section will be formatted over the next few months (Feb to June 06) and then be continually updated as reasonably confirmed information becomes available. Helpful information will be gratefully received, checked and entered into the document. It is interesting that such topics as the blood group diets and the suggested frequency and dose of vitamins and antioxidants are still the subject of lively discussion amongst natural healthcare professionals, and in many cases early teachings have been passed over and are climbing the popularity ladder again.


The differences is a facinating subject due to the special attention it has been drawing lately and the section will be updated regularly. For now the short list of differences is important and must be considered in any healing program.

Date of birth is one imoortant condition which to some extent at least determines the type of person and the mindsets to be encountered along the way. Blood type also creates diferences in the food types suitable. Then there are generic factors which can see one person weakly from birth and the other strong powerful, sometimes drinking, smoking and eating to excess, yet living long and apparently healthy lives. This condition is becoming less common as the third generation junk food eaters reach 20 years old. The blue silk eye is no more.


Our approach to this section is rather different to the foods listing for a cookbook. There are three types of foods in this directory. Foods that are damaging to health overall, foods that support life but are neutral to our health and foods that actually participate in the acquisition of good health. Our concentration is therefore on the latter. Foods that are listed are presumed to be consumed in their natural state or as detailed for the listed benefits to be expected. Even then growing, harvesting, storing and transport conditions can effect the food. In all cases organic is preferred. The general purpose of this listing is to assist people with conditions and those trying to avoid the conditions to select the most productive diet for the purpose. Always seek related food groups or conditions for additional listings,

AlfalfaAlfalfa are the most common of commercially grown sprouts and can easily be grown at home like most others. Sprouts contain all the essential nutrients needed to grow an entire healthy plant. Concentrated energy. Calcium and silicon in digestible form and A,C and B vitamins. Church meals will use many sprout combinations. Good for blood cleansing, nervous system and skin.

ApplesIdeally picked at maturity (organic). Carotenes, Vitamin C, Potassium.
Good for constipation, diarrhoea, circulation and immune system.

ApricotsBeta-carotene, iron and potassium for cancer protection and blood pressure.

Artificial SweetenersAspartame according to American research Dr H. J. Roberts contains Phenylalanine and Aspartic acid both harmful amino acids in the wrong combinations plus methanol (10%). Treating the first two as supplements, High blood pressure, memory loss, depression and suicide, Skin irritation, headaches, liver disorders, female problems and birth defects are possible without the effects of methane, which turns to formaldehyde in the body. For further information contact Aspartame victims and their friends P.O.Box 1424 Forest Park Ga 30051 USA. We therefore don’t recommend the use of food and drinks containing Aspartame especially as part of a recuperative diet.

There are other artificial sweeteners which we are currently seeking scientific information on. Honey of course is much more beneficial than sugar or artificial sweeteners, but should be extracted without heat. If your brand never goes candied, change to another brand.

AsparagusContains C, Riboflavin, potassium and phosphorous recommended for rheumatism and arthritis but not for gout.

Avocado Contains vitamins E and A. Essential fatty acids develop during ripening after picking. Not a weight gainer in natural state. Cancer protection, heart, circulation and skin are the major beneficiaries.

Bananas Contain potassium, magnesium, vitamin A and folic acid. Always select organic if fed to children. Digestion, cramp and chronic fatigue syndrome benefit.

Beans DriedContain protein, carbohydrate in a more beneficial form, B vitamins, Selenium, iron and zinc. Chickpeas for calcium and soy to fight cancer. Regulates bowel function and assists heart and circulatory system.

BeetrootContains beta-carotene, iron, calcium and vitamins B and C for anaemia and chronic fatigue.

BerriesVitamin C big time in a digestible form for the heart and circulation.

Rosemary, Stinging Nettle and Neem tea are noted among a long list of blood
Cleansing herbal teas that are good blood cleansers. It is a good idea to take
Teas some action to clean the blood at regular intervals. Most of the teas mentioned also contain micronutrients that play special parts in avoiding certain ailments. Other blood cleansing teas are known more for their other roles such as Rose Hip tea (vitamin C)

Bread Another opportunity to use organic. Organic breads including sour dough are the only real way to know what you are eating. B and E vitamins, carbohydrate and protein for stress control. Bread is a very dangerous food because lots of people eat lots of bread that can contain almost anything. Processed white flour is just not good for anyone in the long run.

BroccoliFor anaemia, skin, chronic fatigue contains A and C vitamins. Riboflavin, potassium and iron.

CabbageIncludes sprouts and family members and contains A, C and E vitamins and potassium for protection against stomach ulcers (take small regular amounts of potato and cabbage juice) , chest infections and skin problems.

CarrotsContains Vitamin A, carotenoids and magnesium for eyesight, circulation, heart and mucous membranes.

Celery Vitamin C, coumarins and flavenoids for rheumatism, arthritis, gout and stress complications.

CheeseContains Protein, calcium, zinc and vitamin B for bones and teeth. We can really only recommend organic cheeses because of the degree of processing and amount of chemicals in others.
Cherries Vitamin C, potassium and magnesium contained help fight gout, arthritis and rheumatism.

Chilli Chilli is a very useful condiment. Used by many to ward off heart problems and improve circulation. It should be part of every diet. Vitamin C, carotinoids and capsaicin. Try to use organic as much is imported.

Citrus Fruit Grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes etc are a valuable source of digestible vitamin C. They also contain beta-carotene, potassium and individually contain Naringin (blood thinner), limonene and for natural resistance and effectiveness to dispense with colds etc quicker.

Coconut Coconut oil is one of the better oils to use for a wide range of benefits. The native population of many Pacific islands have traditionally used the oil for sun protection with resultant good skin quality. Coconut milk straight from the fresh young coconut is the natives natural malaria preventative.

Cucurbits Cucumbers, marrows, pumpkins and squashes are not often sprayed heavily. They contain beta-carotene, folic acid, potassium and vitamin C. Use for skin problems and weight loss.

Dates Have iron, potassium and folic acid for energy.

Eggs Contain protein, vitamin B12, A, D, E, iron and lecithin for male sexual function, heart disease, anaemia, Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Cholesterol problems are overstated. Eat raw whenever possible such as in smoothies or in milk over cereals. Always buy free range.

Figs Contain Beta-carotene, iron, potassium, ficin (digestive acid) for energy and digestion.

Fish Protein. B vitamins, iron, zinc and iodine plus essential fatty acids make fish the ideal protein source if caught in clean waters and benefit occur to joints, brains and inflammatory diseases.

Garlic Garlic is a poison. Taken in large quantity at one time garlic can kill. In fact Garlic is also a marvellous antibiotic, antibacterial and antifungicide. Garlic provides a powerful adopted taste sensation to the cooking of many nations. Garlic is reputed to slow the intuitive capacity and various left brain functions but helps prevent heart disease and lowering cholesterol levels.

GingerGrapes Thousands of cases of cancer are reputed to be eliminated by grape diets in many parts of the world. Grapes contain Vitamin C and powerful antioxidants especially if you eat the seeds. An easily digested weight gain tonic after illness.

Green beans Potassium and vitamins A and C are plentiful for the skin hair and digestion.

Herbs Basil………….. Volatile oils linalol, limonene and estragole.
Coriander…….. Flavonoids, linalol, coumarins.
Dandelion leaves….. Use in salads.. liver stimulating phytochemicals.
Fennel……….. Fenchone, anethole, anisic acid … liver stimulants
Mint……… Antispasmodic volatile oils for digestion, bowels, gastritis, bloating and flatulence.
Kiwi Fruit Kiwi fruit is a valuable source of vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, bioflavonoids and fibre for the immune system, skin, digestive problems and constipation.

Lettuce Vitamins A and C, folic acid, potassium, calcium and phosphorus help with sleep, stress and bronchitis.

Mango Vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants help with skin and immune system. Also tastes good.

Meat Contains protein, B vitamins and iron to assist growth with essential nutrients. Most natural health professionals denounce the overeating of meat as does the government in published food intake charts. Pork is the least suggested and now that chicken is fed so many growth hormones it is not recommended. Lamb has the least chemical interference of all the meats. Eat small portions if you are blood group O and less if you are blood group A. Even the meat industry advertising does not recommend more than 4 times a week. When you do have meat use the better cuts and cut off the fat. In this way meat becomes a healthy part of your diet.

MelonsMelons can attract some nasty chemicals so go organic if you can. Organic watermelon is great for a short fast as it combats constipation, urinary problems and arthritis. In other words it sustains life an reasonable energy while cleaning the system out a bit.

Milk (cows) Milk is a huge health problem due to the massive amount that is consumed. 60 years ago milk was recommended by the medical profession for weight loss and as a cure for diabetes, both of which effects helped in thousands of cases. Then we needed to pasteurize milk to keep it safe. This killed the bacteria that helped us digest the milk in addition to the ones which no doubt would have killed us. Milk immediately lost its role in health programs. Then we needed to homogenise milk to make it more acceptable to the market and improve shelf life. Homogenisation stops the cream from separating from the milk in the bottle. However it causes the fat globules to form into smaller molecules which will not regroup. Scientists have identified that the XO effect (xanthine oxidase) occurs and the XO rather than being digested, passes into the bloodstream attacking plasmogen in the artery walls. The bodies protective mechanisms respond by repairing the damage with scar tissue and calcified plaques. The resultant condition is known as arteriosclerosis. It is interesting to note that those nations using the most milk are also the highest in incidence of arteriosclerosis and the complimentary conditions, heart and circulatory disease. It is possible to buy non homogenised milk in many supermarkets. Because of pasteurisation it is best not to make dairy products a large part of your diet and to increase the intake of folic acid which blocks the XO effect.

Nuts Protein vitamins E and B, unsaturated fats, minerals etc give energy
And Seeds fertility, sexuality and are good for diabetes and constipation.

Olives          Olive oil is the basis of the Mediterranean diet said to be healthy. Olive oil varies greatly according to its method of extraction. Extra virgin olive oil is extracted without heat or chemical interference. Cold pressed is best. Due to the use of chemicals in some extraction processes it is best to select the produce of a known local company such as “Spring Gully” from Queensland If you know of others send information.

Paw PawPaw Paw and Papaya is a very powerful medicinal plant. The whole plant being useful in healthcare. Tea from the leaves and stems, an aboriginal remedy, has been attributed many cancer cures, normaly in conjunction with sensible dietary adjustments. The first reported cure in 1962, a Stan Sheldon was dying of cancer in both lungs. He passed the recipe on to 75 of his mates with various forms of cancer who also survived. The flesh is a useful meat tenderiser and seeds and skin should be included in the diet to adjust Ph and top up enzyme requirements. Eat when still a little green and while there are visible signs of the white fluid when you cut the skin. You will find many references to Paw Paw in the remedial recommendations section in relation to a wide variety of ailments.

Soft Drinks Apart from the high sugar or artificial sweetener content, the main problem with soft drinks is the tremendous amount of PHOSPHOROUS that’s contained in them. Large amounts of phosphorous are bad news for the body because they combine with other minerals (like Calcium) and tie them up for eventual excretion. Now calcium is a mineral that your body DOES NEED in large amounts in your bloodstream for daily use. If your soft drink is yanking the calcium out of your blood stream, where does the body get the calcium it needs for everyday jobs? Why, it gets it from your teeth and bones! Soft drinks used to be a treat for special occasions. Now they are regarded by some as a daily food.

Sugar Sugar cane sucked by the workers as they harvested the crop by hand a century ago kept them cancer free. Sugar cane grown on good soil has a balanced mineral content that is widely beneficial. The juice is still used as a drink or drink base in many less advanced countries and when not processed has most of the benefits derived from sucking the cane. Sugar is a powerful antiseptic and preservative.
The problems start when sugar is refined into white, brown or raw sugar. When this happens most of the nutrients are discarded as molasses, which is traditionally fed to the cattle or used in the production of alcohol and not regarded as having any place in the human diet in its basic form. I believe molasses to be the best sweetener for breakfast and some cooking and baking purposes. When you ingest refined sugar, you lower your body’s immunity for FOUR HOURS. If you’re drinking soft drinks or eating cakes and sweets here and there throughout the day, then you’re keeping your immunity suppressed all day long. People with suppressed immunity seem to easily pick up every bug that’s going around.

Tahini Tahini is a very powerful food that should be in every diet. Tahini is ground up Sesame seed and has a consistency similar to peanut butter and a taste between peanut butter and butter. Tahini is a perfect spread for bread, replacing butter. It not only provides a healthy source of protein but assists in the assimilation of other protein from nuts grain fish meat and dairy products in the digestion process. Tahini is also an excellent source of vitamin E and iron. Suggested intake three to five teaspoons per day.

Wheat Wheat in its natural state is a powerful food. Wheat grass juice is now a very popular addition to diets. It is the most complete food with high levels of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. A pleasant drink includes lemon, ginger and wheat grass juice. Sprouted wheat is also a very powerful food addition.
Once it is cooked wheat losses its benefits and becomes an allergy irritant and weight gain component. When you have to use wheat at least use wholemeal flour which does have many more nutrients than white flour. We are hoping to have some information soon on healthy ways to prepare and serve wheat. There is unfortunately a distinction between the cropping grains and the wild grains (such as spelt and rye) in the nutrient stakes, which we hope to provide more precise definition on at a later date.


1 The application of wholistic
Are there any limits (See QOL section)
Trying natural health process
Case histories (see QOL section)
2 Basic nutrition (already discussed)
Fruit and Veges (see foods listing)

3 Supplementation (Section being written)
Where to start
Detailed suggestions
4 Balancing
How to establish a good balance for you
Balancing techniques
Principles for sound progress through life
5 The use of manipulation techniques
Reflexology, Zone Therapy, Shiatsu and others
Body Electronics
6 Energy and spiritual healing practices
7 The mind plays a part
Power of the mind
Progressive practices
8 Electronic aids to health
Colloidal makers
9 Regeneration
Fact or Fiction
10 Accurate diagnosis
Muscle testing
Allergy testing and others available
11 Working together


Holistic is a nice easy word to understand in its application to natural health, understanding and improving health from every angle. Applying to health maintenance, health improvement and elimination of disease or body strengthening for specific purposes, the holistic approach is always the most permanently effective.
There have been millions of individual cases where the application of one of the hundreds of natural health practices has effected an elimination of symptoms, a cure or a significant regeneration and been documented. There have also been millions of cases where natural health has been seen to have fallen short, failing due to inefficient diagnosis, lack of direction, substandard supplementary product, incompetent practitioner or more often the inability or unprepared ness of the sufferer to complete the chosen course. We don’t believe that any of these reasons should bring about the abandonment of natural health.
There are no real healers in natural health. There are only persons, techniques and substances, which provide the assistance to the body to heal itself. Remember most of these are as provided in creation.
Most persons seeking help benefit best from a range of practices including nutrition, some supplementation, manipulative practices and some energy based treatment to relieve and clear the effects of stress and trauma. A similar path is also followed by a number of thinking adults actively seeking a path to health, quality of life and longevity.
U.S Statistics and Australian are similar indicate average life expectancy at 72-74. (approx 58 for Doctors) The demise of 1 in one thousand each year is attributed to hospitals. The conventional medical path while playing a part in extension of life expectancy, falls short of positive achievement for many, creating a situation where again statistically 18 of the average 74 years is spent combating a debilitating disease for every person. There is therefore a strong case for the development and improvement of natural health practices to fill the gap.


Manipulation techniques play a very powerful part in the acquisition of health naturally. From the gentle Swedish massage giving a blissful relaxed feeling, to the painful but powerful body electronics used to speed up regeneration of body tissue.
There is now a vast array of techniques including
Massage; Swedish, deep tissue, Remedial, Kahuna
Balancing; Bowen, kineaseology, chiropractic
Meridian based; Shiatsu, Reflexology, Body Electronics, Zone Therapy.
Most of the methods are applicable to assisting the recuperation of body organs as well as relieving pain and repairing muscle groups. Blood circulation is always a beneficiary of any of the manipulative procedures. I believe the use of at least one of the methods is essential to a balanced approach to natural healing. Selecting which is most adaptable to your needs is very hard as most of the methods have positive side effects that overlap the promoted benefit range of the other techniques.
Each body has a meridian system which runs the full length of the body and provides a stimulus to muscle groups and organs. It worked in developing man like an automatic oiling system in a machine. As the hands and generally uncovered feet were used in daily activities, pressure against their surfaces provided transmitted stimulus to the other muscle groups and organs. This is an important part of our incredible body design, which we have bypassed to a large extent by wearing more and more protective footwear. Along these meridians lie all the organs that need a maintenance stimulus. The system can be measured using powerful multimeters and is now recognised by all sectors of the health industry. At the ends of the meridians on the hands and feet there are memory points which can build up a crystalline deposit when the point needs to be used to stimulate an organ or muscle group. The application of pressure to a point which has accumulated crystalline deposits is normally painful depending on the quality of the meridian system in the particular body. There are also points along the meridians which are identifiable but not always as sensitive to the touch. These are trigger points whereby application of manipulation will induce a positive response in the particular organs represented. Almost all massage has some effect on the meridian system while some techniques specifically target at the points to achieve healing stimulus. Needless to say the practice has been widely used in natural healing for centuries especially in Asia and in fact an extensive group of the general medical practitioners used Zone Therapy for painless surgery and tooth extraction as well as specific healing in the late nineteenth century, prior to the use of efficient anaesthetics.
The meridian system enables an efficient masseur to initiate healing responses in many parts of the body as well as the muscle groups physically contacted. The Lymph glands are also stimulated into a further important cleansing process when the massage extends to the appropriate points.


Swedish Massage is predominantly used for relaxation. And it is beautifully relaxing, assisting in the balancing and toning of
Muscles, improvement of circulation, and the relief of stress related conditions. More mention will be made of Swedish massage later. It is a practice that could
and should be used within families and between partners to provide comfort and improve relations on a regular basis.


Deep tissue massage is often painful, but extremely effective in rectifying knotted or strained muscles. Regular application has a preventative effect, keeping the muscle groups in balance for sudden or sustained athletic activity. Some practitioners specialise in deep tissue massage while others apply some deep tissue as a component of remedial massage.
Remedial massage is the most common practised by masseurs. It normally starts with a relaxing effleurage to warm the muscle groups .


Bowen is based on the very gentle manipulation of trigger points all over the body to remedially effect muscle groups and organs.
Kinesiology is a balance mechanism initially. Stemming from chiropractic principles, it is used to normalise muscle groups so that the body organs can undergo a healing process. There are strong connections between the muscles and the organs. Pressure points all over the body are also used in the healing. Prior to specific treatment tests are carried out using muscle strength to indicate a strength or weakness in the organs. Adjustments are made and the muscles are retested, usually showing an improvement. Regular kineaseology is a powerful tool in natural


Reflexology is the most common of the meridian techniques, It is now widely known that the practise can initiate healing and cleansing in various parts of the body. Foot and hand charts are readily available and many books have been written on the subject. A comprehensive foot massage will increase metabolism and blood flow in most parts of the body depending on a strong and intact meridian system. The meridian system can sometimes be less effective due to musculoskeletal disease or damage. This does not preclude use of the practise, but requires the application of much more patience. There are many teaching facilities available and courses take from a few weeks to a year to complete. The practise was popularised in America over the last eighty years or so.

Zone Therapy is accepted to be the mother of reflexology. It was practised by medical practitioners around the early nineteen hundreds. They mapped out accurate meridian points on the feet and hands and various other parts of the body including in the mouth, ears and nose. They created a range of tools for the purpose and zone therapy was used extensively for the relief and elimination of pain during surgery, tooth extraction, maternity and other medical procedures. The advent of more effective anaesthetics finished the medical use of the practise due to the fact that it was labour intensive.

Body Electronics or point holding is less well known. It involves the holding of specific points along the meridian system for long periods of time (sometimes many hours). An energy transfer is generated which can target muscles, bones or organs and actually begin a rapid regeneration process. The practice tends to have a marked beneficial effect on the practitioner as well. Certain prerequisites have normally to be established prior to treatment involving the use of adequate minerals, enzymes and beneficial bacteria for the digestive process. The nature of body electronics makes it hard to find practitioners due to the time involved in treatments and the effort involved. It is suited to persons wishing to achieve a very strong health position or those wishing to overcome serious ailments not treatable otherwise.


Acceptance of energy and spiritual healing practices has undergone vast expansion over the last decade. Being a practical person, I have separated this category into two components, the simply relaxing and the powerfully productive. Almost all persons no matter how sceptical can experience and believe in the relaxing properties of this type of therapy and its role in the overall outcome of a fitness maintenance, a healing program or a total body repair job, is important.
For those who are anywhere from slightly understanding to completely spiritual, the section on powerfully productive is revealing or expected. I would suggest that others not read the section until some time after basic energy relaxation had played a noticeable part in their progress.


Relaxing can be a major component of any serious healing process. Not only are there substantial barriers to healing when the subject is a state of stress or any mental discomfort, but many practitioners believe there is a distinct initiating connection between the memory of trauma and ailments of many kinds.
Most practices based on spiritual techniques are relaxing to the mind and body and help to clear the memory of trauma and discomfort thus creating a suitable framework for healing to begin. It is worth mentioning at this stage that a religious fervour based on prayer for healing is equally or additionally useful if a relaxing feeling and positive attitude results from the prayer.
These methods are based on universal energy and unconditional love. Of the myriads of methods available Reiki is one which stands out as reliable and efficient. While quantifiable results are mostly related to trauma release and relaxation, the method is very powerful and many exceptionally interesting benefits have been derived.
The method is based on proximity of the practitioners hands to the source of pain, irritation or discomfort. A flow of universal energy is established through the channel to the recipient, which has a beneficial effect in activating the bodies repair mechanisms and circulation. Most people can feel a noticeable difference in energy flow, a warming or sometimes even the reliving of past trauma as its negative confining energy is cleared from the memory.
Circulation seems to be affected positively by most forms of manipulation or energy healing. The significance is related to some of the multiple roles of the blood in carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells and tissue and carting away the rubbish. These roles alone are critical to all repair process. The quality of the blood is also important and is keyed to the intake of nutrients and acceptable regular ingestion of water.
Universal energy exists in connecting all living things as a communication and information channel. When combined with unconditional love it tends to reverse all negatives in life and render them inconsequential. Universal love takes a little practice to accomplish for most people.


Based on the understanding that each human reduced to a handful of minerals and gases (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon and a few spoonsfull of minerals and trace elements) is similar to an animal or plant of similar density, the only real difference is the information and energy that decides what characteristics the cells will exhibit as the entity takes shape.
It is interesting to note that there are a number of approaches to the relationship between trauma and disease. The Mahikari approach is that ancestral connections may have attracted the wrath of adversaries whose spirits attach to the living with ill intent and cause illness and stress. Their approach is to gently and lovingly cajole the offending spirit into leaving.
The Christian scientists believe the trauma is normally within the current life so the complainant will sit in session with an assistant and follow an operable program to relive and release the trauma memory. It is further interesting that both these methods and many others, that make the same association, have huge numbers of positive case histories.


Another powerful tool in the right hands is meditation. Where the negatives can be cleared and a suitable stage set for healing to take place.
In this case the power of the mind is used to advantage and in fact a mind dedication is essential to most healing if it is to happen quickly and efficiently.
The power of the mind is another interesting study based on the facts that the average body has enough cells to go around the world twice if laid side by side and touching. Infinitely small as they are, each cell contains up to eight receptors capable of receiving electro chemical stimuli messages and the capacity to vary its response to each according to its own environmental circumstances. Each cell has a type so that it functions just in that particular role in the body. Just like a little computer too small to see.
It is suffice to say that the number of healings attributed to pure mind power is astounding and that there are many detailed books on the subject.


Once again Reiki is a leader in this field. Rediscovered in the 1800’s by a Japanese scholar Dr Mikaomi Usui, Reiki supports medical treatments, Encourages the bodies self healing ability, accesses the deepest states of relaxation, helping to balance the brain and body and finally of course is used extensively to provide support and comfort to the terminally ill. Reiki healing energy can be dispatched over continents, often with startling positive results. It is important to open the healing channel, so some reasonable belief pattern is helpful. I must admit to being among the most sceptical of all and only after dozens of clear results and a few spectacular ones at that, did I accept that while I could not see it, It did exist.
The major advantages of Reiki are the formulation, where a good master in teaching will follow a path which tends to program the student against the acceptance of negative energies from the universe or from the person to whom the healing energy is being dispatched. This is of supreme importance as negative energies can be adopted without notice if care is not taken. This can happen in providing any form of care or treatment at any time and can only be noticed in personality reversion or tiredness symptoms.


The body has a number of ways of exhibiting its internal status, all built in as part of part of our quite fantastic design. The most commonly used of these can give a comprehensive condition report and some warnings of possible problems to enable preventative action to be taken.


The eyes are the mirror of the soul. So the saying goes. The accuracy of the eyes as a tool for diagnosis and general health indication, is without question. The art of reading the information is however quite complicated to the point that there are still minor differences between schools of thought. Most naturopaths use iridology as their major diagnostic tool. Some read just the iris and others read the sclera as well. The iris of the eye can be divided up into zones which display quality and function of all parts of the body. The indications can then be watched for changes as the treatments are carried out.


Muscle testing forms a important part of the Kineaseology format and as such provides a wealth of information on the workings of the muscle groups and organs. The need for balancing or overactivity or underactivity of organs can be pinpointed. This testing is done as a preliminary and integral part of the treatment, which then can rectify the problem immediately. Recording the information as part of a more comprehensive analysis is still important.
Some groups have selected muscle testing as a primary diagnosis tool. This method carried out by very experienced and highly efficient operators can pinpoint a health problem and indicate the most efficient treatment. The method uses a level of energy communication with the conscious and subconscious of the recipient. Asking a separate question for each test of muscle strength gives a surprisingly accurate result. Normally the arm muscles are used with the arm being held straight out and a benchmark test is carried out applying downward pressure to the arm. The person being tested can hold a sample bottle of or an item in question or even concentrate on that subject item when the pressure is reapplied to the arm. The resultant change in strength is taken to indicate the effect of the tested item on the person being tested. The result being positive or negative. Some experienced practitioners have even used a similar method to spell out the suitable treatment or missing mineral or vitamin causing the problem. It is interesting to note that almost 100% of people tested for reaction to such things as Microwave and Phone radiation, cigarette smoke, instant coffee, alcohol etc will register a subconscious ill effect understanding even though they may be regular users of the product and consciously unaware of any danger.
Anyone can use muscle testing, but regular practise over a long period of time will hone the skills and increase the range of applications.


Reflexology has always been a prime indicator of health problems as well as a powerful tool for repair and regeneration. Reflexology Works on the meridian system in the body. This is recognised and understood by all sections of the natural health industry In some areas of the hands and feet particularly it is hard to identify the specific problem related to a painful spot though the general area is certainly pinpointed. Some reflex points can vary slightly in location. Overall indication though is quite accurate.


Palmistry has long been used to recognise danger areas and related times. It is a remarkably accurate in recognising the past, present and future life details of its owner. Basic health indications are also accessible such as predisposition to heart disease, cancer stroke and mental problems. The reading will give reasonably accurate time frame information as well. Time detail is to be taken as a warning only and it is always possible to eliminate the cause of such danger. If the hand continues to exhibit such warning, treatment needs to be maintained. The condition of the skin on the hand will also give indication of a wider array of health problems involving blood, liver and glands when carefully checked.