How the church will function as a healing facility

• The entity is a Christian church, open to all and designed for short term use by faithful from other churches while they are attending to the health needs of their bodies. It is not intended to draw faithful away from other churches

• The church will hold devotional meetings on Sundays and Health instruction meetings on other days as required.

• The instructional meetings will be structured to acquaint those attending with many natural methods of treatment which can be used within the family group and between friends and faithful.

• A permanent kitchen will be established providing largely uncooked live foods including fruit vegetables and cereals intended to facilitate a fast track path to health and quality of life.

• All services are free. The church relies on donations and the sale of some instructional books for income. The only expense to participants is for independent health assessment and some specific supplements required for particular ailments.

• The church is marketing some specifically healthy ranges of products at discount prices to help make essential or specifically useful health products available to the less affluent.

• As the facility develops volunteers will be encouraged to assist in providing a health giving path for those visitors genuinely needing help

• Some free temporary accommodation will be made available for visitors.

The health program

The basic health program is designed to provide local families with information and training which will assist in the health and happy relationships within those families and extend to their friends and relations. Instruction and group therapy sessions will be available sufficient to meet the needs of local and visiting participants.

As the groups grow and understand the methods some will be encouraged to spare some time to assist in the provision of similar service to visitors. Those visitors will then be offered training in the provision of similar services.

The training is designed to a level suitable for home use and use in assisting friends and those in need.. No charges will be made at any time for assistance to the needy or those wishing to learn or participate. Encouragement will be given to anyone wishing to further their knowledge to professional or certificated level in any useful natural health modality.

If visitors attend with health problems, serious or otherwise, some will be offered free accommodation while undergoing a return to health program. In some cases a six week program will be offered free to the needy especially where other treatments are not available.

The health program is similar to that provided at a multitude of health farms around the country. We support their efforts and see that a free facility is necessary for those less well off who are afflicted in some way. The health program is designed to bring about a healthy state in persons with afflictions in as close to a six week period as possible due to the limited funds available. We believe that God has provided a path to health effectively returning most cases back to health in that period if the sufferers adopt the program. The church just helps people to find the path by assisting in the following ways

Most nourishment will come from live foods including fruit and vegetables with certain other healthy foods as seen fit. Organic foods will be used where the budget allows.

• All persons with serious affliction will need to be tested by a recommended naturopath (independent) prior to beginning the course to assess suitability. This service may need to be paid for along with recommended supplements outside those available free from the church.

• Supplementation will come from many approved herbs and mineral rich supplements such as wheat grass juice and as recommended by the naturopath.

• Energy and various natural treatments will be applied in accordance with the wishes of the naturopath to reduce stress and create a comfortable condition for healing to take place.

• No smoking, drinking or non approved foods will be allowed on the premises.

• Mobile phones and other sources of interfering radiation will not be accepted.

• Existing medications can be continued in all cases.

• Healthy comfortable exercise will be encouraged.

• While those not inclined to take the program seriously will not be invited to continue or return due to the need to conserve church resources, visitors will be free to go any time they like and all services will be given free at the request of the needy person.


How it will work as a healing facility

There are multitudes of records of cures and achievement of remission status relating to programs based on such natural treatments as wheat grass juice, grape diets, paw paw leaf, stinging nettle tea, etc and various live food diets.

There are records of healing related to reflexology, reiki, kinesiology and various other forms of hands on healing.

The records apply to a multiplicity of ailments and clearly the use of multiple methods will enhance the chances of success.
Our plan is to utilise the benefits of a wide range of methods in all cases including nutrition, supplementation, energy works and manipulation techniques to cleanse the body, build up the strength, get the immune system working and build up those organ groups damaged by the ailment.
This program will benefit the biggest number of sufferers to the maximum extent. While seeking elimination of ailments most persons will enjoy improved general health and be taught to live in such a way as to keep the ailments at bay.
We believe it will only be in very rare cases that a dramatic improvement in health will not be experienced. Initially cases, where the appropriate path is less than clear, will be avoided but constant enquiry and research will be maintained until the path is found.