Vision Statement

The healthy body church has been established to fulfil a glaring need for a group within which persons can contribute to the health of their families, friends and the group in general, using methods for which the body was designed by God.

Reasons for the establishment of the church

•  The health of society in general is going backwards. .

•  The foods easily available to society today are those put on earth by God with a liberal addition of greed to improve shelf life and addiction.

•  The availability of health care to less affluent sections of the community that will actually reverse the affliction is sparse to non existent.

•  The connection between God and the brilliant design of the human body, which can be returned to good health and kept that way by natural methods has largely been misplaced in modern society.

For many years since 2003 we have felt alone with no interest Then many healing opportunities later and still not much interest. The path has been defined by the messages leading to the healing modalities under strange sets of circumstances. Then the accidental meetings with those in pressing need, one after the other the healing happened. Some spoke of miracles but we knew better. What was revealed to us was the recognition of God’s gifts on the earth. These include nutrition, natural medicines and the healing methods. Some are similar to the laying on of hands. The human body is designed for all of these. Maybe also for pills but we are waiting for the evidence of that.

God’s gifts do not have side effects but you still have to understand them and how to use them. So the past twenty years have been learning and it is ongoing. Now we have to pass it on before the worlds populations are destroyed through chronic sickness. So we have many plans and you can read about them on these pages. We are now once again through coincidental meetings, attraction a few small groups. We are confident they will be learning healing from us over the next years and they will go forth and achieve even more than their teachers!